Next Big Thing – wraparound BlackBerry

This concept smartphone shows off the full potential of curved glass screens

Ooh, curvy

Very much so. Curved glass screens on mobiles are becoming increasingly popular, with persistent rumours of the iPhone 5 sporting one. This BlackBerry concept by John Anastasiadis takes the idea to its logical conclusion – and we think it looks as nice as the BlackBerry Porsche Design P'9981.

Where's the camera?

Ah, here's where you can tell this is a concept – the front and back cameras are tucked under the screens. When needed the area around the camera lens is supposed to become transparent.

When can I get one?

You may be waiting a while. Leaving aside the fact that this is a concept phone, BlackBerry's taking its sweet time releasing new kit. Its next smartphone, the BlackBerry London, isn't set to come out until later in the year – though it will arrive sporting the new BBX OS.

It's also been suggested that Apple scrapped the iPhone 5 release last year because curving Gorilla Glass was too costly. Still, we can't wait for mobile phone designers to start exploiting the full potential of curved glass.

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