Next Big Thing – voice-guided cooking

Parlez-vous Francais? If not, you’ll want to wait for the talking kitchen to get out of its French-speaking phase

Une cuisine qui parle?

Yes, it’s a talking kitchen. Think of it as a satnav for cooks, with each step of the meal given as a verbal instruction while a variety of sensors and timers judge when the task has been completed.

But in French?

Correct, but it was actually developed in the north of England as a language-learning aid. The idea is to make learning our neighbouring tongue more enjoyable, and to pick up a new skill into the bargain.

Aren’t gadgets supposed to make life easier?

Patience, my xenophobic friend. You can ask the kitchen to repeat instructions or translate things into English at any time. And perhaps by the time they become commercially available (expected in 2012), there’ll be an option to select your native language. Otherwise, it’s just a boon for the French. And they already know how to cook.

[via AlphaGalileo Foundation]

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