Next Big Thing – Tweets in Space

Got something big to share? Why stop at planet Earth? The inhabitants of GJ667Cc are awaiting your thoughts

Your deep thoughts and musings could soon be travelling 22 light years (164 trillion miles) into space, if artists Scott Kidall and Nathaniel Stern's Tweets in Space project gets the green light.

Currently awaiting funding, the Tweets in Space program will involve a powerful radio or laser transmitter capable of blasting your tweets trillions of miles across the cosmos, to planet GJ667Cc – the closest planet to Earth that is likely to harbour life.

The pair have already raised over US$2,000 of their US$8,500 target on RocketHub, so it looks like you'll be sharing what you had for lunch with Xargaxathan Klaguthink in no time. Just add the hashtag #tweetsinspace to your tweets when the project goes live, and bask in the glory of your galaxy-transcending voice.

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