Next Big Thing – transforming cars

This concept motor switches from four to two wheels in one manoeuvre

Volkswagen has made a sandwich toaster on wheels?

Well, not quite. What you’re looking at is a concept car by designer Colin Pan, who reckons he’s cracked the secret to urban transport flexibility. This modular car can disassemble into two gyro-balanced personal vehicles – a small car for commutes or a Segway-like vehicle for local trips.

So it’s a car with a Segway shoved inside it. What’s the point?

Essentially, yes, but it’s all about choice. Fancy a drive into town? Take out the car. If there’s a bit of traffic or you just want to pop down to your local, then use the two-wheeled option. Put an end to those car-sharing family feuds at last.

This’ll be perfect for the hot and sunny climate of the UK. Oh wait…

Granted it’s not the perfect solution to all of your transportation woes, but it’s nice having the option to mix things up a bit. Next time you're stuck in traffic you can park the car and continue in the detached single speeder unopposed. Invincible, in a way.


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