Next Big Thing – TrakRok all-terrain trike

The only thing stopping this quad-mobile hybrid from conquering all terrains is the fact that it doesn’t exist

Is that for chasing James Bond?

It isn't a little SPECTRE-ish, isn't it? The TrakRok concept trike looks like the result of a high-powered snowmobile and quad bike having one too many shaken Martinis and spending a fuzzy evening together. Disturbing anthropomorphic imagery aside, there’s not much earth and/or snow that this hydrogen fuel cell-powered beast couldn’t tear up.

Beefy is it?

Designer Alexei Mikhailov has opted to craft his creation out of anodised aluminium, with a track-system in the rear and electric-powered rubberised wheels in the front. Throw in a menacingly orange paint job and we have ourselves an expensive boy-toy that's ready to be thwarted by Bond's explosive-charged shoelaces. Or something.


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