Next Big Thing – tissue conducting speakers

Hearing sounds over the air is so last year, now it’s all about using ceramic transducers

What’s a ceramic transducer when it’s at home?

It’s a new type of audio conduction tech used by a Kyocera mobile to transmit sound to your ear. Well, technically it’s transmitting the sound straight into your head going around the ear via tissue conduction.

And this is good why?

Traditionally mobiles held to your ear use sound waves sent down your ear canal. This journey means a loss of sound quality before it reaches your ear drum. Kyocera has cut all that out using a ceramic transducer that makes the phone plate vibrate so when held to your ear those vibrations go directly to your inner ear without noise pollution.

So that’s a good thing?

Yes, it’ll mean far clearer sounds when on calls. The tech was initially designed for sophisticated hearing aids, but Kyocera has got the price down enough to pack it into a smartphone. The handset will be out in Japan soon with a US release shortly after. No word on the UK release yet, where it might mean a wait until it catches on in other mobiles, or even headphones.

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