Next Big Thing – Thunderbolt 2

Apple’s new iMacs bearing 10Gbps Thunderbolt I/O ports are out. But is Intel planning something to quash it?

Hang on a sec, didn’t Thunderbolt just come out?

Indeed it did, but the tech world’s advances run faster than a cheetah who’s eaten an amphetamine-spiked antelope. Welcome, then, to Thunderbolt 2.

With some marginal spec improvements, no doubt. Yawn.

It’s five times faster than the current 10Gbps rate. At 50Gbps, you’d be able to transfer an entire Blu-Ray disc in one second.

Did someone say “overkill”?

Probably. But they won’t when we’re watching glasses-free 3DTV in quadruple HD in a few years. Intel also reckons the tech can be shrunk small enough to fit into smartphones and tablets. Near-instant data transfer is the future.

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