Next Big Thing – supermarket dead drops

Will we be able to pick up our Amazon goodies with the milk?

I'm waiting for my instructions

OK, you need to pick up a package, say a barbeque that you've bought on Amazon. You've got two choices. First, wait for the fat man with the balloons to give you the nod then pop the balloon poodle to get your key. The door number of the drop off point will be tatooed on the arm of a passing priest but you won't get through without a dressing gown and a White Russian.

Surely there's a more convenient option?

How did you guess? Amazon could soon email a bar code to your smartphone before you head down to a local supermarket to get your package. You'll see some lockers that look like cash machines mashed with P.O. boxes – just scan your barcode to get a PIN number and away you go.

No more office deliveries?

According to The Daily, Amazon are trialling the locker system in American chain 711 and could roll it out by next summer. So the choice between rushing home to meet the postman or sorting through your mountainous office postroom could be a thing of the past.


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