Next Big Thing – superfast rechargeable batteries

Meet the battery pack that juices up from nought to charged in ten minutes flat

Who cares about batteries? Where’s my hoverboard?

Batteries may not get your gadget juices flowing, but you can’t deny their importance in lighting up your favourite bits of tech. After all, a dead smartphone is nothing more than an expensive shiny paper weight.

So will these power my hoverboard?

Forget the hoverboard for a second. DoCoMo has produced a prototype smartphone battery pack which can be fully charged in a blistering 10 minutes – the time it takes to watch a clutch of mind-rotting YouTube videos. The secret is working out how to send much more power to the battery without it blowing up, apparently.

Cool. When can I upgrade?

It'll be a while before you're able to charge your phone in 10 minutes flat because normal lithium-ion batteries would explode. But hang about and we could see superfast battery charging around the time you're pre-ordering your precious hoverboard.


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