Next Big Thing – super-clear glass

Meet the futuristic slab of glass that hates water, fog, dust and reflections as much as we hate low batteries

Correct my if I'm wrong, but isn't glass clear already?

Well, yes, but this glass developed by the science-wielders at MIT (via engadget) is particularly special, in that it hates pretty much everything. Like the Incredible Hulk.

Come again?

Conical nano-textures etched into the surface of this hi-tech glass mean that it's extremely hydrophobic (water repellent), fog resistant, glare-free and even dust resistant. Smudged screens and filthy displays could all be banished forever.

I want this. Now.

Join the queue, friend. This fancy tech could be used in everything from glasses to smartphones and even solar panels, but it'll be a while before it's commercially available, so just be careful with your fingers for the time being. No one likes a smudged display.

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