Next Big Thing – solar powered OLED transparent car roof

We'd happily drill a few holes in our rides to accommodate this snazzy sun roof


Is that an iCar interior?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. That right there is a concept design between BASF and Philips, showcasing a rather swanky looking roof featuring hexagonal OLED panels.

Ah. What's the point?

Asides from looking like a futuristic honeycomb, the OLED panels function as both interior lighting before becoming transparent at the the press of a button. The best part? It's all integrated with solar cells providing enough juice to power itself with power left over for the car.

You're going to tell me this is a concept, aren't you?

Well, yes. But a working concept at that – so it's more than just a designer's pipe dream at the very least. Just drool over the pretty picture below for the time being. It's better than nothing isn't it?

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