Next Big Thing – social networking loyalty schemes

Loyalty cards meets social networking for the new age customer experience

Where do I sign?

You don't need to sign your life away to reap the benefits of social networking loyalty schemes – or spend any money for that matter. The first of its kind comes from the house of Microsoft, which has launched the 'into' app – a social rewards programme for Windows Phone users. It can be accessed by hitting the app's 'like' button on the Windows Phone UK Facebook page, or the more patient can wait for the dedicated app to land any day now.

So the more I update my Facebook status, the more rewards I get?

Kind of. But it's not just Facebook that will help you rack up those loyalty points. Interacting with Twitter, liking stuff on Facebook, sharing photos and inviting people to use the into app – you're constantly increasing your chances of unlocking the plethora of offers and experiences on offer. It's simple. Share and get rewarded.

What are these rewards?

So far, exclusive content courtesy of partner and Blur bassist Alex James and other guests is up for grabs, plus the ability to unlock special offers from the likes of Coggles fashion. If that doesn't float your boat, fear not, as more offers and deals will be winging their way to the app over time. As a further incentive to get involved Microsoft is giving early adopters the chance to win an arctic escapade for two to Finland, a couple of Nokia 800 smartphones and tickets to the into insider social event hosted by Alex James on December 5 during the first few weeks of its launch.

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