Next Big Thing – Smellovision

Forget 3D – the next dimension of TV viewing is set to enthrall your senses by invading your nostrils

First 3D, then 4k resolution, now this?

Olf-Action’s Smellit device is nothing to be sniffed at. Well, technically it is, but that’s not the point. This odiferous gizmo offers yet another level of immersion in movies and games by wafting out pre-calculated scents in to your surroundings, courtesy of removable smell cartridges.

Please don’t tell this will work with por–

Smell number 20001 in the list of example smells may very well answer your dubious question. Having skimmed the list ourselves, we can’t say that we’re looking forward to our living rooms smelling like horses, dentists or polluted cities, but we wouldn’t say no to a nice cake aroma.

Is this for real, then?

This zany device will be on display at the Lisbon design show from October 11. Seeing as how Olf-Action already makes Odoravision systems for cinemas, it’s likely that the smells of cut grass and burning gasoline will be wafting out of our home theatre systems in the not-so-distant future.


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