Next Big Thing – Shredder Clock

For when you just can’t get out of bed without shredding a few confidential documents

I love the smell of shredding a couple of US$100 bills in the morning

Yes. Don’t try it with a fiver, mind… you’ll be had for treason if you start ripping up Her Maj’s mug.

I’m joking. What’s the point?

You don’t have to destroy currency in it, obviously. Perhaps footballers could use it to shred their super-injunctions when they hear details of their affairs being broadcast on the Today programme in the morning? We’re not naming names, mind.

So a handful of the nameless and shameless will buy them. What about me?

Actually, no one will buy it. As is so often the case, today’s Next Big Thing is a design concept. We like the transparent front, though it could do with meatier functionality. Add a DAB radio, graphic weather icons and remove the silly rubber feet and we’d almost reach for our wallets. Now, where did we put those US$100 bills?

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