Next Big Thing – shatterproof iPhones

The future looks bright for clumsy Appleites, thanks to Apple's latest iPhone patent

That better not be the iPhone 5

Fear not, the bland drawing above is merely Apple's patent application design for a phone shock-mount system – a nifty little idea that should come in handy for butter-fingered gadgeteers like yourself.

Shock-mount? Is it covered in springs?

Not quite. Special inflatable pads beneath the glass screen will act like mini airbags when sensors detect the phone has been dropped – bracing your poor iPhone for impact. It should result in less damage to its precious tech innards – and its glass frame.

But what about scratches and dents?

The only way you'll get case-free scratch protection is by covering your iPhone with diamonds. If you can't afford that, then we suggest you suit it up in a case and wait for tech like this to roll around to offer even more protection from your clumsy clutches.

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