Next Big Thing – Serial hybrid airplane

Tree huggers rejoice as electric glider takes to the skies  

What’s so impressive about a dinky plane?

Just because this DA36 E-Star glider is a little on the cosy side doesn’t mean it’s unimpressive. Size, after all, doesn’t matter. You’re looking at the world’s first serial hybrid electric airplane, so show some respect where it’s due.

Serial hybrid what now?

A serial hybrid setup means that the plane is driven purely by a blissfully quiet electric motor, while the engine’s job is to run a generator which juices up the battery. It’s all very efficiently green, resulting in the possibility of emissions being cut by 25 percent.

Will they come in models larger than a matchbox toy?

Admittedly the two-seater plane won’t have airlines queuing up with orders, but this is currently a proof of concept between Samsung, Diamond Aircraft and EADS, and there are plans to go bigger in the future. We just hope the fares drop as much as the emissions do.