Next Big Thing – reflection free screens

Screen glare is an annoyance we just put up with – but soon we won’t have to

They’ve worked out how to get rid of reflections at last?

Yup, those clever science bods have done it again with reflection free screens. Nippon Electric Glass recently unveiled the technology, calling it invisible glass – which is an apt description, looking at the comparison in the picture above.

Very cool, so is it a new type of glass?

Actually it’s only a thin layer – nanometer thin – that is applied to the front and back of any pane of glass. It makes reflections go from a normal 8 per cent of light bouncing back off the glass to a virtually glare-free 0.5 per cent, as the other 99.5% passes straight through.

So is this just for mobiles?

Mobiles will definitely benefit greatly from this kind of tech but it will also be great for tablets, laptops and even car windows. Once home windows start being made out of this stuff we expect bird-to-window fatalities to escalate pretty fast.

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