Next Big Thing – power cable video streaming

Hankering for a solution to pipe HD content throughout your entire abode? How’s this for an answer?

Just what I need, more boxes and cables

This rather clever setup actually reduces the need to lay down metres and metres of cabling thanks to a nifty transmitter which can pump out full HD video and audio signals from every input under the sun, including games consoles and Blu-ray players.

Wireless transmitters aren’t exactly reliable, unless you like choppy movies…

The beauty of this setup is that the signal is transported through your existing electrical wiring and sockets. As long as your laptop/TV/monitor is near a power outlet, you’re good to go. Remote controls will also work wherever you are thanks to the included IR sensors.

Sounds neat. What’s the damage?

The base package which includes one transmitter and receiver will set you back £500 while the four receiver bundle weighs in at a hefty £1080 – clearly not pocket change territory. Nonetheless, if you’ll accept nothing less than top quality streaming and don’t want to destroy the skirting boards then this may be the perfect solution for you.


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