Next Big Thing – personal voice recognition

We're one step closer to that Tony Stark special relationship with our gadgets

Voice control never works

Ok, maybe at the moment you're trying to search for the latest iPhone apps via voice command and you end up with results for mouse traps and clown hats. But one day those word libraries will get it right every time and when they do Apple wants to be on-hand with iPhones and iPads to recognise who is speaking all that gobbledegook.

So my iPhone can put a name to my dulcet tones?

Something like that. Last year Apple filed a patent, unearthed by Apple Insider, for future iOS software that uses the sound of your voice to identify you and then access custom settings and content.

But it's my iPhone, what's the point?

Voice recognition means that you could share an iPad with your flatmate without sharing all your content or ask your iPhone to create iTunes playlists based on your music taste. Then shout over to your coffee machine to make you a latte just the way you like it.


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