Next Big Thing – personal Noah's Ark

Sorry PETA, but when disaster comes knocking, we'll be looking out for our own hides

Caravans are for the elderly, right?

This isn't a boring countryside RV, it's a personal survival ark, capable of withstanding floods, bullets and anything else mother nature or peeved off humans might throw at you. Even petrol-heads wouldn't say no to this life-saving piece of kit.

So how long can I last in this thing?

That's where the diesel generator, solar panel and wind power module come in. This gloating fortress is totally self-sufficient. Freshly caught post-apocalyptic mutant fish can be seasoned and fried with no problems whatsoever. Yummy.

Where do I sign?

First of all you need at least US$40,000 for the basic model or US$80,000 for all the bells and whistles. It's already available in Taiwan and Japan, with a North American release set for Spring 2012, so you'll have to make a trip across the pond to ensure you survive those Mayan doomsday predictions.

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