Next Big Thing – pay on demand TV

If the thought of a movie streaming sub makes you break out in hives, throw your pennies at some pay-as-you-watch content

Sky Box Office 2.0?

Kind of. If you just can't make that leap to signing away a monthly sum to LOVEFiLM et al, FetchTV is jumping in to close the gap. The Fetch TV app – already bouncing around on Panasonic Viera TVs – has just been announced for Samsung Smart TVs too and it'll be serving up pay-as-you-go movies, catch-up TV, live concert footage and mini channel subscription packages on your D8000 from early 2012.

My mate who still runs out of credit would probably like this.

Now now, just because the big ol' phone and TV companies like Sky are hell-bent on taking our money by the month that doesn't mean there's no other way. If you're only an occasional couch potato, you can splash out £3.49 on a quality night in with Tron: Legacy rather than wasting money on access to a film library you never have time to pilfer.

Rango's looking at me.

Exactly –the Fetch TV app is designed to make bags of video content that's not on YouTube available to you on the fly. We're going to assume that pay on demand apps will be making their way to more Smart TV sets too, quicker than you can hang a DVD case in your local museum.

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