Next Big Thing – non-stick ketchup bottles

Scientists turn their expertise to yet another real-world problem – getting ketchup out of the bottle

The best things come…

... to those who develop a super slippery non-toxic wonder substance that can be applied to most types of food packaging. After months locked away in an MIT lab, a select team of nano-technologists and mechanical engineers have come up with LiquiGlide.

Sounds, erm, icky

Far from it, my filthy-minded friend. LiquiGlide is a structured liquid coating that offers supreme lubrication, so thick sauces like ketchup don’t have to be coaxed out with a flurry of taps and shakes.

Sounds lucrative

The condiment industry alone is worth a saucy US$17billion, and is just one of the many fields those scientist types will be able to, ahem, dip into.

Don’t those squeezy bottles get around the problem too?

Yes they do, but they’re not the next big thing. They’ve been around for ages.

[via Fast Company]

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