Next Big Thing – muscle controlled gaming

Soon the size of your guns could control your gaming highscore

I already use muscles on my controller, what's new?

Sure, you use muscles to work a controller or gesture to your Kinect, but this actually reads the flexing of your guns. The plug and play biofeedback controller uses electromyography to read your muscles and translates that into gaming actions.

Sounds interesting, but will it ever be mainstream?

Interesting indeed, especially as the better muscle definition you have, the better it reads you. Other companies have already turned keep-fit into games, with accessories like the Wii Balance Board – and this could be a great driving force to keep you trim, with a trip to the gym resulting in a new high score on Call of Duty (one day). And best of all it's already been made by Advancer Technologies.

I want one.

You may have to wait until it comes as standard with your Xbox 720, but in the meantime check out the video of it in action below, and then you can even learn how to build your own.

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