Next Big Thing – Micro Commuters

Honda has unveiled its vision of future cars – two-in-one vehicles for the man about town

So Honda’s made a Batmobile with detachable bike?

Not quite, but this is equally cool in its own tree-hugging, gun-shunning way. The Micro Commuter Concept EV from Honda is a fully electric car that seats three and is controlled by joysticks. It’s body panels are customisable, charging can be monitored remotely from your mobile and the car even houses a two-wheeler called the Motor Compo.

Whoa, back up. It has a bike inside it? We're back to Batman...

Damn right. It's the new Park & Ride. The Motor Compo is a mini fold-up bike you can use to ride the last mile-odd of your journey after dumping the four-wheeler somewhere with space/free parking/no congestion charge. The tiny bike even has a removable battery to make indoor charging easy and so you can use it to charge your gadgets.

Start the engine, I'll be round to pick it up in a minute

Hold your electric horses – Honda's Micro Commuter Concept EV won't be officially announced until the Tokyo Motor Show in December. Even then, it has to make it past concept level and wait for the charge point infrastructure to improve before we all rush out and buy one. And you can bet when it does come out the pre-orders will be sold out to the likes of Bruce Wayne.

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