Next Big Thing – Man-made Islands

Fancy going off the grid? How does a custom-built green island sound?


Excellent. Where can I start building my paradise mansion?

Steady on there Mr Big Shot – this island is for the people, not for your 18-hole golf course, natural spa and tennis courts.

So I’ll have to share it with commoners? Disgraceful.

Snobbish much? This island isn’t for habitation, it’s for providing nearby cities with copious amounts of electricity, all provided by the might of Mother Nature herself.

Sounds electrifying. How does it work?

The island has a central lagoon which doubles up as a seawater reservoir. When demand for juice is low, wind turbines drive pumps which empty the reservoir. At peak periods water is allowed to flow back in, driving turbines which crank up the juice to meet the needs of the energy-craving masses.

Looks like another complicated concept to me.

It’s actually quite a beautifully synergetic solution for natural energy and plans have already been formulated for green power islands in several locales, including Copenhagen and Florida. With solar panels and recreational areas all included in the design, we look forward to a golden age of clean, cheap, pollution-free power.


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