Next Big Thing – Light field photography

Revolutionary new tech will change the way we take photos – shoot first, focus later

Light field? What does pale farmland have to do with photography?

Steady on, Mr Literal. Light field refers to the way in which this new camera’s sensor separates rays of light so that colour, intensity and directional information can be recorded for each one.

And that’s special because…

Because normal cameras only capture a single snapshot of the light entering these new-fangled sensors. With this new method, we have the power to focus on different depths of field after the photo has been taken, as well as the option for 3D effects and better low-light images.

Sounds like witchcraft to me

This isn’t a Harry Potter novel; this is very much real. So real in fact that you can try out the depth of field focusing on our adorable little feline friends here. Isn’t technology wonderful?