Next Big Thing – light emitting earphones

Trick your brain into thinking it's still summer with this SAD-curing headset

Will that thing zap all my brain cells?

I'm sure they're long gone, so pay attention. Valkee is a light therapy device, masquerading as a personal media player, aiming to cheer you up as the nights draw in. It works by shining bright light right into your noggin – and the Finnish company that makes it (also called Valkee) reckons that 8-12 minutes worth gives the same benefits as sitting in front of a special light box for two hours.

Sounds like hippie mumbo-jumbo.

Hey, we've all agreed that gadgets will save the world so let's just go with that – just look at all those health and fitness apps. Valkee has done some research into light therapy itself and reckons it could improve sleeping patterns, energy levels, migraines and general 'winter blues' from us not getting enough sunlight.

I'm sure I've got a torch lying around.

You let us know how that turns out and we'll enjoy our Valkee headset. You might be £185 better off than us though, as that's how much one of these bad boys costs. But if winter makes you grumpier than Eeyore watching an episode of House, you might want to swap your rhythm and blues for some light-emitting diode action.

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