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Next Big Thing – laser watches

As mobiles replace the need for watches, wristwear needs to go more high tech. Enter the Elusive lasers

Will I be able to cut through metal with it?

Whoa there, this isn’t that kind of James Bond laser. Instead it’s more of a design-oriented focus from Elusive, using lasers to project time onto your wrist.

So it’s just another way of presenting the screen?

You could say that, except it takes away the need for a screen altogether. When the watch is sitting passively it looks like a fancy wristband, but after a touch in the hollow, lasers project the time onto your actual skin.

Looks pretty cool, can it do anything else?

It’s pretty basic as it’s just a concept. However, there are gesture controls that let you switch functions: using one finger for time and two for date displays – potentially there could be a whole host of functions. There’s no word on production yet but expect these funky fashion icons to be available in a host of colours at a very affordable price. Probably from Japan.


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