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Next Big Thing – Jelly batteries

Safer, cheaper and longer lasting batteries? Yes please

AAAs weren’t edible last time I checked

These batteries won’t go down too well with ice cream but their unique solid polymer gel (as opposed to liquid electrolyte) construction has a whole host of welcome benefits.

Such as?

They won’t catch fire for one thing (a problem that’s plagued various laptops in the past) and the Leeds-based research team reckon that these new-fangled ‘jelly batteries’ not only perform like standard liquid ones, but will also be 80-90% cheaper.

What do I get out of it?

Flexibility means that they can fit in to almost any device and a lamination process means that more energy can be crammed in to a smaller space. Say hello to longer-lasting, sleeker devices and goodbye to one-charge-a-day smartphones.


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