Next Big Thing – Jawbone Up

Jawbone's wristband and app system is bent on making health freaks of us all

A wristband to tell me my bad habits? I've got my mum for that

Does she monitor your eating, sleeping and exercise habits with sensors and relay the data to a mobile app? Jawbone's Up does. That's called life-tracking, that is.

Will it track how many crisps I scoff while watching TV?

Actually, it's weirdly fascinating and addictive once you start. And because you don't need to do anything to get going, it's already got the edge on most health and fitness apps.

So I have to wear it all the time?

Jawbone says the more you wear it, the more accurate the data will be. So the nudges from the smartphone app will be helpful. Up should be on iOS and Android by the end of the year. Plenty of time to say goodbye to your lazy Tag-Heuer.


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