Next Big Thing – iPhone turntable

A futuristic old-school mash-up that might bring grandad’s collection of 72s back into the mainstream

There’s still life in your old vinyls

No there isn’t. I’m neither an audio bore nor a DJ, so I’ll be lucky to get a few quid for my LP collection on eBay.

But this is an iPhone dock, so it must be good

Ah, so now we’ve swapped places you think you can fob me off with a table that you can plug an iPhone into. For your information, I’ve been able to rip my tunes from my record collection via USB for years.

Yes, but this one has a soundbar

So does my two-year-old home cinema system. You can’t just put a load of stuff in a table and call it a Next Big Thing.

It does look nice, though

Yes it does. Even so, I think I’ll go back to the recommendations from now on. I might even try to do something that has an outside chance of being built.

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