Next Big Thing – iPhone gaming pod

Take smartphone gaming to the next level with this nifty little add-on 

If that’s the iPhone 5 then I’d better buy me some clown trousers

Fear not, eager Appleite, this is a conceptual render of a physical button-toting gaming case for the existing iPhone 4. It’s designed to be removable so you can keep those skinny jeans with the miniscule pockets.

Isn’t touchscreen gaming enough for you?

Granted, we do partake in a bit of Angry Birds every now and then, but for traditional games like shooters or beat ‘em ups you just can’t beat good old fashioned buttons and joysticks – try perfectly executing a Hadouken on a touchscreen and let us know how you get on.

Shut up and take my money!

If only we could, but if you were listening earlier, you will recall the word ‘conceptual’ being used. Sadly this clever little case is just designer Alan Li’s pipe dream for the time being, but we hope someone with the cash and knowhow sees its potential and starts churning them out. We'll be first in line.