Next Big Thing – iPhone camera docks

What do you get when you combine an iPhone 4 with a Leica M9? Apart from a massive hole in your wallet

Is that a zoom lens in your pocket or are you just…

Oh, grow up. It’s an iPhone case full of lenscraft called the Leica i9 for iPhone 4. It provides you with all of the features of Apple’s fancy blower, merged with Leica’s imaging know-how.

Last time I checked, the iPhone 4 already had a camera

It does, but not one with a 12.1MP CMOS sensor, Leica lens and 8x optical zoom. The camera dock’s inner is swappable, so you can upgrade it for future phone models. They might even make one for Android handsets.

Perish the thought! How much, then?

As of now, the camera dock is shelved next to hovering unicorns in the concept lab, but if it could be made to work, we’d expect the dual power of Apple and Leica’s brands to rack up a wallet-draining price tag.

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