Next Big Thing – iPhone 4 camera button

Apple's new volume button tweak in iOS 5 not enough? How about a big red shutter button?

Is that a futuristic Pez dispenser?

Not quite. Well, not at all actually. This is the Red Pop, a barrel which attaches to your iPhone 4 providing you with the luxury of an impossible-to-miss red button for easier, less frustrating snaps.

My iPhone’s got a camera button thanks.

You mean the one on screen? Have you ever tried a self-portrait on an iPhone's rear cam? It’s an experience riddled with shaky blur, awkward grip and the constant annoyance of miss-hitting the screen-based shutter button.

But do I really need it?

Well the iOS 5 update gives shutter controls to the volume button, but that’s not out until autumn and the grip problem will not be solved. The Kickstarter project has already been funded, so lay down your US$75 in confidence and look forward to some silky smooth snaps. 

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