Next Big Thing – iPavement

Public Wi-Fi’s had a dogged past, but iPavement dares to tread the idea of putting the internet under our feet at street level

Apple’s getting into roadbuilding, is it?

Despite the name, we’re pretty sure Apple’s hands (or feet) are nowhere near iPavement, a cunning tech to serve up Wi-Fi at street level – from a paving slab.

More cunning than a fox with a built-in Wi-Fi router?

Probably not, but iPavement is demonstrably more practical than vulpine broadband for us city dwellers. In Spain, iPavement’s home country, it’s hoped free access can provide services and information to residents and tourists.

But not to check Facebook on the hoof?

It’s not clear whether iPavement’s Spanish debut will give access to the wider web, but it’s certainly an option in future. And although we’re all in favour of free internet everywhere, we’re also dreading adding hordes of Warcrafters to the zombie rush of texters and tweeters bumbling blindly down urban thoroughfares.

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