Next Big Thing – iPad karaoke videos

Uploading your Kiss impression to Facebook will seem like a great idea in the morning – just not to you

Sing! Record! Share?

Before long, karaoke's going to be all over your iPad – complete with an app to grab music from your iTunes library and a mic to make sure your tablet doesn't miss a note. At least, that's what Soulo is planning. And it gets worse. 

Matching outfits and glittery microphones?

Not quite. Soulo's app uses the iPad's built-in camera to record your "music videos" for speedy uploading to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. If you like to keep your humiliation local, there's video output to connect the digital wireless version to your TV.

Better work on my breathing

Even though the whole idea of karaoke is to wail to your heart's content, Soulo's mic actually claims to give your voice real time pitch enhancements and there are extra vocal airbrush effects once your track is safely on the app. Nothing to worry about, then.


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