Next Big Thing – Invisible tanks

You don’t have to go to Hogwarts to harness the power of invisibility – try the army instead

Have you gone blind? An elephant would stand out less than that

Perhaps in the day, but we’d like to see Dumbo try hiding from IR night vision technology. This formidable war machine is covered in a futuristic sheet of hexagonal ‘pixels’ which can rapidly change temperature, resulting in instant camouflage from night vision snoopers.

Sounds complicated

It is, but the concept is easy enough to grasp. Known as Adaptiv, the system’s cameras read background scenery and subsequently display an infra-red image of it on the vehicle.  Not only that, but it’s possible to make the killer war machine resemble an old banger, or even a humble grass-munching cow.

Sweet. Are they selling upgrade kits at Halfords yet?

Sorry, but it’ll be a long time before your bog-standard Fiesta is covered in a swathe of futuristic panels. This project is at the cutting edge of military research and we sincerely doubt that you’re important enough to get your hands on this kind of tech – try focusing on a more realistic wish, like a hover-board or a gravity gun.


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