Next Big Thing – interactive kitchen

We've seen the future of culinary creation, and it involves cat videos for breakfast

A Microsoft Surface?  Yawn.

Cover your mouth and listen up. This isn't the Microsoft Surface – at least not like you've seen it. This is a Samsung-powered kitchen tabletop with an interactive touchscreen baked straight into it, serving up the freshest news, videos and web content for you to peruse while stuffing your face.

Looks snazzy

Indeed it does. We're big fans of the sleek polished black and red minimalist design as well as the built-in stand for your more conventional tablet. The best part? You can access unlimited online recipes to counteract your culinary ineptitude. Or you can just stick to slicing up virtual fruit as you lament the meal that could have been.

Is this the part where you tell me this is...

... just a concept? We're afraid so for now, though technically the Prisma kitchen is up and running as part of a display at Eurocucina in Milan, along with five other Toncelli kitchens. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to look at our faux granite worktops with disdain.

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