Next Big Thing – interactive car windows

Dreading long journeys with restless kids? Shut them up with these interactive windows

Car window touchscreens? Why?

When little Jimmy is restless in the backseat kicking and screaming from boredom, you'll be glad to have a distraction to shut him up. Won't you? 

What sort of distractions?

There are four apps currently being tested on the fancy interactive touchscreens. 'Pond' lets you share messages (read: profanities) with other drivers, 'Foofu' allows you to draw all over your window and 'Spindo' lets you overlay another car's view onto yours – which is rather nifty.

What's in it for little Jimmy?

Excellent question. Our restless little friend can be entertained by the 'Otto' app, which features an animated travel companion who runs and flies alongside the car as you travel, subject to the whims of your almighty fingers.

Sounds neat. Will I be retired by the time it comes out?

Hopefully not. GM and students at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design have proved that the concept works, so we've got nothing left to do but sit back and wait. Check out the snazzy apps in action below for the time being.

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