Next Big Thing – Intel Clover Trail mobile processor

It looks like Intel is finally going to deal a blow to the mobile chip world with its new processor

Isn’t Intel supposed to be the best at processors anyway?

You’d think so with its brilliant track record to date, but now that mobile power is what it’s all about, Intel has to re-think its plans. With Nvidia’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor out already in the Asus Transformer Prime and rumoured to land on the HTC Edge mobile soon, it’s clear who’s leading the mobile gadget gang right now.

Is Intel just going to sit there and take it from Nvidia?

Oh hells no. The big dogs at Intel are working on a new processor called Clover Trail – which will presumably see Intel trail-blazing a new level of power in mobile processors. If Intel's boffins can manage to extend battery life (perhaps by adding more cores like the Tegra 3 or A5) their already powerful heritage could put them in front once more.

So when can we expect these new super processors?

Not until the back end of 2012, but with Apple’s iPhone 5 rumoured to be landing around then with a new quad-core A6 processor, Intel could really give us a pleasant surprise. We’re expecting a six-core processor that was rumoured to land in the iPad 3.

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