Next Big Thing – inner space submarines

It’s no Nautilus, but Triton Subs’ full ocean depth sub will open our eyes to the alienated depths of the black oceanic deep

They’re making a Jetsons movie now? Wasn’t the Flintstones bad enough?

This isn’t a film prop – this is the result of a joint effort between Triton Subs and Rayotek Scientific to produce a revolutionary deep-sea submersible that will finally tame the dark depths of our mysterious oceans. Let’s see a film prop manage to reach a depth of 35,800 feet in 75 minutes.

In that tiny thing? No thanks

Granted, there’s hardly enough room to blow your nose with the maximum capacity of three people but the pressure at the bottom of the ocean is a (literally) eye-popping 16,000 psi. More glass would equal more vulnerability.

Glass? Definitely no thanks

Not just any glass – this magical sphere actually increases in strength as the pressure increases and there are no destabilizing pipes or cables running through it. Instead, wireless fibre optic systems transmit through the glass hull, which also provides touch screen functionality. Impressive, eh?

Until something goes wrong

The entire design was built with safety as a priority. On board are 96 hours of life support and the passenger compartment can be detached to escape from any sticky situations (particularly the suckery tentacles of any cranky krakens).

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