Next Big Thing – iMedicine

Doctor, doctor… I can’t feel my arm

Does this mean I no longer have to listen to my doctor banging on about how much salt I eat?

Er, no. It’s so your doctor can tell you to stop eating so much salt without you having to go down to his germ-filled surgery. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is a pretty self-explanatory iAccessory, but the beauty is the option to share readings and comparative data with doctors, hospitals or concerned relatives.

Well, that sounds much less fun that sitting around playing Angry Birds while scoffing Hula Hoops.

It’s not supposed to be fun. The idea is that in future more medical machinery could be replaced by inexpensive apps and add-ons, with patients taking their own readings at home.

Then going on Google for a diagnosis and self-medicating, right? This could single-handedly save the NHS.

I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit here. Medical practitioners are generally circumspect about internet-enabled self-diagnosis. But it could make the lives of both doctor and patient easier, and that may – in time – provide some relief for the health service. Maybe.

I can see it now. Eternal life – there’s an app for that.

You should probably get your hearing checked when you eventually do manage to book a check-up. Meanwhile, you can pick up Withings Blood Pressure Monitor for £120 from next month.