Next Big Thing – hyper yachts

Fancy a floating Principality of Monaco? Got £700 million to spare?

That. Is. Ridiculous.

True, it's not subtle. There's something about the sea that's inspires romanticism and outrageousness. I blame the shellfish. This concept from Yacht Island Design would be the world's most expensive yacht, making Roman Abramovich's seem a little on the cheap side.

Why does it look familiar?

Ah, because the 155m-long Streets of Monaco is styled after, well, Monaco. It features mini versions of the landmarks from everyone's favourite principality, including a go-kart track paying homage the Monaco Grand Prix.

Come on then, how much?

A cool £700 million should suffice. That's a pittance for the pleasure of rocking up in Monaco harbour and announcing that you have no need to step ashore.

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