Next Big Thing – HD glasses

Share the monotony of your existence in HD by recording your life from a first-person perspective

I already have 20/20 vision. That’s HD enough for me.

Steady on. The HD refers to the ZionEye glasses’ 720p recording capability, not to some voodoo-powered vision enhancement.

720p recording? Where’s the camera?

Cleverly hidden inside, along with a HQ microphone and a micro USB port. A 350 mAh battery offers up to three hours of recording, which should be plenty of time to document a mountain peak summit – or in your case, an enthralling session of Dungeons and Dragons.

You do realise that I have a pocket-cam already, don’t you?

Have you ever tried holding up a video camera for three hours at a gig before? Not only will your measley arms get a rest, you can spend more time enjoying events as opposed to watching them through a tiny, shaky screen.

Sounds good, but what if I need real glasses?

The specs come with standard-fitting interchangeable lenses, allowing you to slot in prescription glass if you have to. If you fancy giving them a whirl then head on over to ZionEye’s Kickstarter page where you can pledge a donation to contribute to their production and join the first-person recording revolution.