Next Big Thing – Guiding Light indoor navigation app

Constantly getting lost in office mazes? Science has come to the rescue once again

Boring. I want a phone that shoots lasers

Don't we all? While we're sure that's being worked on, you'll just have to settle for this nifty AR navigation tech. Developed by the science wizards of MIT Media Lab, it guides you around the inside of buildings by projecting arrows and information signs on the walls and floors. You'll never be late for a presentation again. 

What is this sorcery?

No spells here, just good old science. You wear a sensor badge which uses four compasses to determines your position in relation to the surrounding walls and floors.

The structure of the building causes distortions in the Earth's magnetic field, and the sensor can pick up on this – working out where in the building you are. It can even tell what floor you're on.

The app then shows you where to go with a series of projected arrows – it'll also tell you what each room in the building is when you point your phone at it.

I can't lug around a projector...

Fear not our skinny-armed friend, for the projector is built in to the phone itself. It'll be a while before pico projectors in phones hit the mainstream though, so check out the MIT team demoing the tech below for the time being.

(via New Scientist)

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