Next Big Thing – group social media

Every detail of your next party could be automatically uploaded to the internet the morning after. Scared?

Ouch! What happened last night?

Let’s see, shall we? A group of us went out at about 7pm and we’ve woken up in various states of disarray. The bit in the middle is a bit of a mystery, though.

Let’s call the others

No need. A promotional app made by Lynx – called The Stream – will tell us exactly what we got up to. It’ll pluck every picture, video, tweet, geolocation check-in and status update from every member of the group, produce a “stream” and we can upload it to Facebook or YouTube to find out who did what, when and where they did it.

Wow. Unilever’s staff party sounds geekier than a Microsoft development meeting

Agreed, it’s perhaps not the most organic way to have a good time with friends and the potential for private moments to leak out to a wider circle than intended is great. But it might take off for the geocaching club’s monthly knees-up. After you...

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