Next Big Thing – gardening with lasers

There is literally nothing that can't be improved with lasers. Especially weeding

Set phasers to dig?

Not quite – researchers from the University of Leibniz have developed a laser for killing weeds. It works using a series of cameras to film a patch of ground; the boffins have developed software that picks out the unwanted plants, before they're zapped with a laser.

Brilliant! No more hoeing!

Well, at the moment it's geared towards farmers, who need to clear their fields of unwanted plants like dandelion and chickweed. At the moment, the system only works in greenhouses where it can be mounted on rails – though the researchers eventually hope to mount weed-killing lasers on drones. Yep, that's right – farmers will be deploying the Hunter-Killers from Terminator to blast weeds. 

Sounds expensive…

Yes, but since it eliminates the environmental damage caused by weedkillers, it's a small price to pay. Also, you get to kill weeds. With lasers. It's the way of the future.

Via TreeHugger

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