Next Big Thing – gaming academy

Settle down, children – game class is about to begin

Wake me up at the end of class, would you?

Quieten down and listen up at the back. Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, wants to bring gaming into schools. He reckons that children learn better and quicker when video games are involved. Out go times tables. In come special moves.

Meanhwile on Planet Earth...

Okay, you're not going to be producing Metal Gear Solid walkthroughs instead of Shakespeare essays, but Nolan reckons kids can learn more if they interact with games in order to learn.

I don't get it, Miss

That's Sir to you. Imagine Italian lessons with Mario, Call of Duty commands in five languages or measuring the distances between parallel rooftops in Assassin's Creed? Kids in the future just won't know how good they've got it.


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