Next Big Thing – gadget bling

If Genius has its way, we’ll be ditching silver and gold in favour of silicon-infused jewellery in future

Wearable tech? Heard it all before…

Yeah, those jackets with built-in MP3 players never took off, but this is different. Genius is kicking off a new movement with its finger-mounted mouse.

With this ring, I thee web?

Very droll. And, yes, we’ve seen sexier bits of kit, but the Ring Mouse has a point – in our tablet-obsessed age, there’s no place for unwieldy peripherals. Discreet accessories, worn like jewellery, could be the solution.

I’ll stick with my laptop, thanks

Fine, but when you suddenly find yourself in need of a 1000dpi wireless Ring Mouse with USB-rechargeable battery, don’t come running back here for answers. Instead, go and splurge £30-odd quid on the Genius, available from May 30, 2011.