Next Big Thing – free Xbox games

The future of gaming may become fragtastically cheaper(ish)

Microsoft’s finally scrapping Live subscriptions?

Unfortunately not. The ‘free’ in free-to-play is referring to the games themselves, not the Live subscription which you’ll still need to frag it out with your fellow gamers.

Free games? Sign me up!

Indeed, but before you spill your energy drink over your controller in excitement, we have two words for you – micro transactions.

Micro whats?

Micro transactions. Think of all those lovely free smartphone apps which hook you in with their irresistible non-existent prices, only to slowly chip away at your cash with upgrades and extra weapons. That’s pretty much the deal here.

What’s the point?

Well, we’ll get to try out games for free while developers hope to rake in the cash with a low-cost, bulk-purchase approach. We’re all for it as long as it doesn’t cripple the poorer gamers who can’t afford the Ubercat Rocket Launcher 3000, or any other expensive virtual weapons of mass destruction.


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